Retaining wall part 1, completed!

At 7pm yesterday the 6th of Nov 2014, I packed up and rushed off to the block of land to have a look (and take a few pictures) before the sun sets. The beauty of going into summer, the sun doesn’t set till really late!

On my way there, I was organising myself in my head, thinking about getting my camera ready to take a few shots and where to take the pictures. I parked and fumbled for my gear, had everything all ready to go.

As soon as I stepped out of the car and saw the retaining wall all done up, I was hit with a flood of emotions. It’s a bit surreal seeing something constructed on that land, when I’ve seen nothing for a good year but weeds growing on my block. A lot of times I had imagined myself living there and falling a lot deeper in love with that place, but it had always been just a figment of my imagination, almost feeling like an unrequited love that’s never bound to happen. Now that the retaining wall is a reality, seeing it for the first time is probably akin to your first-born calling you for the first time, you know that at some point it will happen, but never could fathom that pride and joy till it happens.

So, here I present to you, the retaining wall part 1. It’s only part 1 because there’s another bit of retaining wall to do, but that can only happen after the site works are done.


I was going to spray the weeds before they did the retaining wall, and looks like they have done a much better job than I could have, so I’m pretty pleased. I cannot describe how thankful I am that God has let me cross paths with this really great guy doing the retaining wall, that everything with this bit of the process has turned out so well.

Yesterday was an especially good day for me, because I have also received the final quote to send in to the broker/bank, so hopefully the finance approval can happen and site works can finally happen! 😀

Lastly, here’s a little short clip showing the drive to my future home. 🙂



I should have taken a “Before” photo, but the weeds were so tall and horrific I can’t bear to let that image be embedded in anyone’s mind. So here’s a very decent picture of the aftermath of all that tug-o-war with the chunky weeds and the grass cutting:

Not too bad for a few weekends' worth of spraying and cutting!

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The view of the hills absolutely made my day. 🙂