The in-betweens

The last time you guys saw the plaster boards went up, and before you knew it, I’ve moved in. I can’t believe I’ve been living in the house for over a month already!

So, the in-betweens.

The painting began after the plaster boards went in. Remember the green entrance door? Well, they gave it a white coat, before giving it a final coat of paint.


Guess what the final coat colour is going to be!
Colour will be revealed below.

The internal walls were painted too.

20150628_161717 20150628_161737

In that meantime, the carpentry happened very quickly.

20150628_162847 20150628_162717
Left: Cabinets in the kitchen. Right: Cabinets in butler’s pantry, door leading to future backyard/veggie patch. The backyard is still looking the same, by the way. 😦

The bathrooms had their tiling done, vanities went in, shower roses and toilets installed. Here’s what the ensuite looked like when I managed to sneak in one day:

20150628_163855 20150628_163946
Left: Toilet. That erection looking thing is actually the tap to freestanding bath that I will, one day hopefully, buy. Right: shower to the left, vanity to the right.

Soon after, handover happened, and we moved into the house that looked pretty much like this:

20150704_113907Black entrance door! Did you guess it right?

20150704_115333Told ya it’s a tap for the freestanding bath in ensuite.

20150803_200535 20150803_200621
Left: Vanity in shared bathroom. Right: Shoe room. I had some of the internal doors painted black too!

Tada~ Welcome to my humble abode. Lolllll.

After the handover, we spent the first couple of weeks doing some of the flooring and cleaning up the rental house. It was almost a nightmare trying to do all that during the 2 weeks, and I’m really glad we have survived it all, thanks to my 3 trusty musketeers. The house has progressed since then, but that will be a post for another day 🙂


Excitement builds

I noticed the pun in the title just as I typed it!

Let’s see, what’s been happening over the week?

The finance application is in the queue; the weeds are still laying low; I have applied to have the water meter moved; I have picked a date for the retaining wall to be built.

4th November will be the date the retaining wall – the first physical structure – will be built on my block of land!

It’s been so long since I bought the land, it feels kind of surreal that something is finally going to happen, and everything related to the house that I have been dreaming about isn’t just a dream, but possibly gradually becoming a reality in the next few months.

I can’t wait for it to be finished! I am already getting quotes for the flooring and trying to design my backyard to have a pet-proof-greenhoused veggie patch, an outdoor shower for summer days after a trip to the beach, and a neat decking for BBQ (this is Australia, who doesn’t love a BBQ right?) And, I have found the most wicked-looking BBQ/firepit on pinterest:


Preparing for construction!

It’s been the busiest and at the same time pretty depressing couple of weeks for me. Lots of things have been happening, and here’s some updates that I couldn’t pen down last week:

I received a letter in the mail advising me of my obligations prior to construction commencing. Here’s a list of them:

1. Building site clear of vegetation – greater than 50mm high (who measures that?!) and grass mowed.
2. Survey pegs in place
3. Clear unrestricted access
4. Construction of some retaining walls prior to site works.
5. Water meter relocation

I can feel my head spinning at the thought of how massive this is going to get. Thank God for my incessant urge to start working on things wayyyy before hand, so I can say I have already started clearing some vegetation on the land. (Yes, I’m going cheap and not hiring anyone to do it.) Here’s the proof:

Found this beauty while trampling the weeds on my block today 😀

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Found that little praying mantis while I was spraying the weeds and stomping away at the tall grass. Most of the weeds have been cleared out, but in a desperate attempt to have a shower, I haven’t taken any photos to commemorate how neat the block looks now.

Things have also been a bit stressful at work, and at the same time trying to get the retaining wall organised, boundary peg survey, and finance application to happen. I think I am pretty much ready, just praying and hoping all is going to go well. Lacking motivation at the moment, but daydreaming about having a puppy running across the big lawn  just made my day.

And the thought of that puppy destroying my future veggie patch just about horrified me. So, my train of thoughts moved on to having raised garden bed to keep the pet out and also to prevent myself from getting dizzy after bending over, to making greenhouse covers so I can get crops during all seasons.

Very attracted to the latter because the design looks well-made, love the clean edges, and the cover is easily removable when not needed! Shall start thinking about landscaping the next time 🙂