The retaining wall is going in!


I took the day off from work yesterday, just to witness this mind-blowing event. I probably should have posted this yesterday, but I was too excited about everything to sit myself in front of the computer. To make up for it, I have pictures to commemorate this special day – 4th November 2014 ūüôā

How the morning went for me:

6.30am – Alarm went off, my attempt to get up early and take a “before” shot of the land. I thought, bugger it all, how often do I get a day off! Slept in till…..
7.30am – Oh crap, I’d better get up. Brushed my teeth, washed my face.
7.40am – Didn’t bother to change out of my jarmies, climbed into the car and drove off. The beauty of living near my future house meant that I got there at….
7.50am – Was greeted by the sight of this:

20141104_080311   20141104_080345

Oh my goodness the mob doing the retaining wall were already there!

My heart fluttered with excitement, and I got to speak to Craig, who owns the business, and it’s such a relief when you find out you are dealing with a really really nice guy who’s willing to explain things to you without being judgmental (about my ignorance) or being condescending. I fumbled to get the Go Pro on the monopod to get a few pictures for making a time-lapse video of the entire construction, and I left to have breakfast.


The morning crept by slowly. I was eager to keep going back to see how things went or even help them out if they needed me (just saying, you never know what an extra pair of hands can do). I decided to distract myself by having a good lunch with a couple of friends before bringing them over to check out the progress.

When we got back to the block, Craig and co had already made quite some progress.

View from the reserve – you can see some of the galvanised posts already set into the ground, with Bee and Chris checking out what Craig’s doing. I’m quite pleased to see that they had the truck running over the block quite a bit and destroying the weeds at the same time heehee.

Here’s the hole dug for the cement footing of the retaining wall. It’s 2.3m deep!¬†Incredible!

Here’s the hole with cement poured into it.

Craig putting in the galvanised steel post into the cement. He’s got very peculiar beeping gadgets that I assume tells him how to align the posts. Apparently this is also where the split-level of the house occurs, which helps me paint a more visual picture of where the alfresco facing the reserve will be.


Bee being curious. 

Bee and Chris chatting with Craig. View from the rear end of the block


Another fancy gadget, and a good view of that impressive drilling machine used to dig the holes for the posts. Thankfully they didn’t encounter any rocks, I am so relieved!

View from the far rear corner of my block.

Apparently they will be there for 3 days! I wouldn’t be able to make it there today to check out the block, but I will certainly be taking pictures of the finished product tomorrow! Watch¬†this space!


Picnics :)

Why I love having a reserve right next to my house:

A little Sunday afternoon picnic, and enjoying the view of the hills. Anyone up for that? ūüôā