I am not really sure what the Liebster award is, but heck it sounds cool and I shall do it! According to Google, it’s given by bloggers to other bloggers, to well, as the award says, discover new blogs! I never quite saw myself as a blogger, it’s really just to document a big part of my life. But as people say, changes happen all the time, and now I’m documenting EVERYTHING in my life lol. It’s great finding like-minded people through blogging, and that serves as a great motivation to write. Many, many thanks to Sheilzy from Our Metricon Hudson for nominating me! Sheilzy’s journey to a dream home is enough to get me excited about building a house, I tell ya!

To get on with this, here’s the rules that came with the nomination:
1. Link back and recognise the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer ten questions given by the nominator.
3. Nominate ten other bloggers for the award.
4. Create ten questions for nominees to answer.
5. Notify your nominees.
6. Get an award button and display it proudly.

Answering the questions:
1. Describe yourself in three words.
Food-lover and coffee-lover mostly (Yes, the biggest things about me is about what I love). Hmmm…. The last one. I’d say ~71%-sane. Yup, true story.

2. What does your family think of your blog?
I didn’t tell any of them about my blog! :X

3. What’s your favorite post that you’ve written and why? (Link, please!)
I wouldn’t say it’s because I love weeding, but the picture in the post reminds me of what I will be waking up to seeing every day in future 🙂

4. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Meeting like-minded people and being inspired by each other’s project accomplishments. There’s no community group for that!

5. What are three things you cannot live without?
Physical, mental and spiritual sustenance – food, coffee and God!

6. Which song always gets you on the dance floor?
Here’s a little story: When I was about 7 years old, my friend came up to my mum and asked her why she didn’t get me to join the dance club in school. Mum was brutally honest, replied that I would look like an elephant dancing on stage.

Dancing Elephant
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-_-”’ So, I must say I can’t dance, but as of today, All About The Bass by Meghan Trainor gets my head bobbing! 🙂

7. What super power do you wish you have?
Teleportability. I do love driving, but at the rate I cram my life with things to do, I’m finding time spent on travelling my least favourite option. Plus, I’d like to be able to teleport myself back to Singapore to satisfy my “home food” crave whenever I want. And travelling would be pretty easy too wouldn’t it? 😉

8. What is your idea of heaven?
There is the Bible’s description of heaven, and there’s my imagined version of heaven. Either way, I’m hoping there’s a good cafe up there with hazelnut coffee.

9. If you could meet one person from the past, who would it be?
Audrey Hepburn. She’s got it all – naturally beautiful, talented, multi-lingual, has a big heart for people with all that humanitarian work.

10. Favourite holiday destination.
Can’t say I’ve been to a lot of places, but I do love the castles in Germany!

My nominations:
Isla House Number One
Libbynjeff The West House
Curt (mis)Adventures in Remodeling
Icecjan Our Building Journey

I don’t actually know many bloggers who haven’t been nominated, so I think 3 is as many as I could list!

My 10 questions to the nominated people:
1. List 3 things you love most about yourself
2. Who is your favourite person on Earth?
3. If you are given one chance to do or change anything, what would it be?
4. Which area in your house is your favourite?
5. What would be the worst nightmare to come true for you?
6. What is your dream job?
7. Name one movie you would watch all over again.
8. What is your favourite childhood memory?
9. Name 3 things that you definitely have to cross off on your bucket list.
10. What would you say to your younger self if you time-traveled?

Have fun!