I should have taken a “Before” photo, but the weeds were so tall and horrific I can’t bear to let that image be embedded in anyone’s mind. So here’s a very decent picture of the aftermath of all that tug-o-war with the chunky weeds and the grass cutting:

Not too bad for a few weekends' worth of spraying and cutting!

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The view of the hills absolutely made my day. 🙂


Preparing for construction!

It’s been the busiest and at the same time pretty depressing couple of weeks for me. Lots of things have been happening, and here’s some updates that I couldn’t pen down last week:

I received a letter in the mail advising me of my obligations prior to construction commencing. Here’s a list of them:

1. Building site clear of vegetation – greater than 50mm high (who measures that?!) and grass mowed.
2. Survey pegs in place
3. Clear unrestricted access
4. Construction of some retaining walls prior to site works.
5. Water meter relocation

I can feel my head spinning at the thought of how massive this is going to get. Thank God for my incessant urge to start working on things wayyyy before hand, so I can say I have already started clearing some vegetation on the land. (Yes, I’m going cheap and not hiring anyone to do it.) Here’s the proof:

Found this beauty while trampling the weeds on my block today 😀

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Found that little praying mantis while I was spraying the weeds and stomping away at the tall grass. Most of the weeds have been cleared out, but in a desperate attempt to have a shower, I haven’t taken any photos to commemorate how neat the block looks now.

Things have also been a bit stressful at work, and at the same time trying to get the retaining wall organised, boundary peg survey, and finance application to happen. I think I am pretty much ready, just praying and hoping all is going to go well. Lacking motivation at the moment, but daydreaming about having a puppy running across the big lawn  just made my day.

And the thought of that puppy destroying my future veggie patch just about horrified me. So, my train of thoughts moved on to having raised garden bed to keep the pet out and also to prevent myself from getting dizzy after bending over, to making greenhouse covers so I can get crops during all seasons.

Very attracted to the latter because the design looks well-made, love the clean edges, and the cover is easily removable when not needed! Shall start thinking about landscaping the next time 🙂