“Sneak peak” Part 3

I swear I started on this post a long time ago, but I didn’t get around to finishing it! Today’s sneak peak is…..

The Living Room 

20150402_183036 20150402_183036-2
View from Elevation 1 on the floor plan, looking from Meals.
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They (everyone but me) call it the Family room. Honestly, I don’t know what the difference is. Maybe the Family room is where the family gets together, while the Living room is where the parents get to have a life? :p

I guess the Living room is pretty standard. It will eventually be occupied with a couch, coffee table, TV cabinet with a nice (hopefully 55″ UHD 3D Smart) TV. 😀 My only other issue with this area is that I didn’t make the area very big, so it is going to be a bit cram with the entrance to the Laundry right behind the couch. On the bright side, I won’t be needing a massive TV because I will be sitting pretty close!

A friend of mine was going through the exercise of purchasing a block of land and drawing a plan to try and fit it on the block. It was a narrow block, so he had in mind a courtyard with just glass panels and sliding doors all around it to make the space more open. I had this impression that the standard sized ASDs are not very big, and so for many days I was kicking myself for not asking the builder to put a big ASD where the view to the hills is. One day I found some time to visit the block, and to my surprise, I realised that the ASD is exactly what I wished I had asked for! I probably should have checked the floor plan or even look at the pictures before making myself feel so depressed about my lack of forethought, which I actually did not lack. Hahahahaha.

Finally, I am very seriously contemplating having this between the Meals and the Living room:

Somewhere along the lines of that, but a two-way one. Gotta be two-way, wood burning, and freestanding. Do people make custom-made fireplaces? Anyway, look out for sneak peak part 4!


Home is where the hearth is

The waiting bores me, and there is nothing better to kill boredom than to dream about how I am going to put my furniture into the house. And I have also been contemplating on whether I should put a fireplace in, where I could put it, and whether I should get a woodfire or gas fireplace.

To solve the problem, I did a scan of the house plan and erased all the annoying lines so that I can doodle on it.

For the record, this house is designed by yours truly, and professionally drafted into existence by the drafters and engineers by the building company 😀 And here’s the floor plan without the confusing engineering lines:

Houseplan for doodle-page-001

I’m sorry I erased all the labels that tell you what rooms they are because I wanted to be able to draw furniture in them :X As mentioned in an earlier post, the house had to be a split-level, which you can see it is where the 860mm set down is.

I did a bit of research on the dimensions of common furniture like the couch and TV cabinet to give myself a bit of an idea of how much space I have. I drew them onto the plan, and it fitted just right in the living area.

Definitely no space to put that fireplace anywhere in the living area I guess.

So I moved on to the meals area. I have a conference table that I have salvaged, in a really good condition, except I did not like the colour very much. After doing a bit of research on baluster tables, I found this piece of gorgeous furniture:

Oh yeah that’s what my table shall look like baby!!!

I figured that I might have a bit of space between the living area and the meals area for a fireplace that looks like that:

Or, I might make a faux wall that extends out from the master ensuite wall to make a bit of a space between the faux wall and the alfresco for a bit of a reading nook. ANDDDD have the fireplace in that wall. It’s still a bit too early for all that I guess, but it’s fun dreaming about it!