The in-betweens

The last time you guys saw the plaster boards went up, and before you knew it, I’ve moved in. I can’t believe I’ve been living in the house for over a month already!

So, the in-betweens.

The painting began after the plaster boards went in. Remember the green entrance door? Well, they gave it a white coat, before giving it a final coat of paint.


Guess what the final coat colour is going to be!
Colour will be revealed below.

The internal walls were painted too.

20150628_161717 20150628_161737

In that meantime, the carpentry happened very quickly.

20150628_162847 20150628_162717
Left: Cabinets in the kitchen. Right: Cabinets in butler’s pantry, door leading to future backyard/veggie patch. The backyard is still looking the same, by the way. 😦

The bathrooms had their tiling done, vanities went in, shower roses and toilets installed. Here’s what the ensuite looked like when I managed to sneak in one day:

20150628_163855 20150628_163946
Left: Toilet. That erection looking thing is actually the tap to freestanding bath that I will, one day hopefully, buy. Right: shower to the left, vanity to the right.

Soon after, handover happened, and we moved into the house that looked pretty much like this:

20150704_113907Black entrance door! Did you guess it right?

20150704_115333Told ya it’s a tap for the freestanding bath in ensuite.

20150803_200535 20150803_200621
Left: Vanity in shared bathroom. Right: Shoe room. I had some of the internal doors painted black too!

Tada~ Welcome to my humble abode. Lolllll.

After the handover, we spent the first couple of weeks doing some of the flooring and cleaning up the rental house. It was almost a nightmare trying to do all that during the 2 weeks, and I’m really glad we have survived it all, thanks to my 3 trusty musketeers. The house has progressed since then, but that will be a post for another day 🙂


Noooo I can’t believe I’ve abandoned my blog for a good 4 MONTHS!!!

I really do suck at multi-tasking.

Anyways, here’s the announcement:


What, you say? The doors went in the last you heard, and now the house is complete?! It’s no sorcery, trust me. Well I couldn’t blog for a long time, because they locked up the house and I couldn’t get in to take pictures.

Here’s what happened over the past few months.

Spent part of June on a road trip to Canberra and back (sorry I don’t know how to make the images smaller!):


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My attempt at snowman. 😡

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Australian icon – Dog on the Tuckerbox

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I had my birthday celebration in July, and even had the privilege of two old friends visiting me during the same weekend, where we had a staycation at Port Elliot, hoping to spot some whales haha.

The #handover happened on the 24th of July! Let’s just say that I’m more relieved than excited. It was so uneventful, the keys came like this:

IMG_20150724_095936nopmIn a ziplock bag.

Spent 2 good weeks after handover trying to clean up the rental place and get started on the flooring in the new house. Yes, I had just concrete to start with! I’m glad I decided to DIY the flooring because I got what I wanted from Power Dekor at much less of a cost, thanks to my friend’s recommendation.

The entire August and September so far has been about the flooring mostly, and remodelling my bed frame (I dictated, and got the guru to do it ^_^). Will attempt to post up more pictures of progress soon!

Knock knock. Who’s there?

20150523_114809The front door is in! Now I can play knock knock!

Before I go on, I just want to say don’t panic, the door isn’t going to stay green. They are made like this, then you pick the colour you want to be painted on the door. Haha. I think mine’s gonna be grey.

I’m sorry I jumped the gun, because that was quite exciting for me. Here’s a few updates for you!

20150516_150525Plaster boards have gone in!

It is absolutely incredible seeing what goes into making a wall. We’ve seen the timber frames that make the shape of the house. We’ve seen the insulation that went into the walls. (At least I’ve seen it haha. Sorry I haven’t got pictures because it’s always dark by the time I get there!) Now we’ve seen them put the plaster boards up. They put the nails in, they tape the gaps between each board, they patch over the nails and the tape to eventually give it a smooth finish so that they can paint over the wall. I feel like a new mum swooning over my baby, looking at every detail and loving every bit of it. Down to the nails.


I can proudly announce that I have actually measured and cut and put up cornices before. In fact, I’ve made a set of cornices cut in different ways and angles to illustrate what angle to cut in which direction, so that I know if the cornices make an acute angle (like the picture above) or obtuse angle. I didn’t make these ones, but I sure can appreciate how difficult it is for a novice to get the angle right and to finish it without much gap in the corners. My advice is: Get a mitre box. It works wonders! And make sure it allows you to cut through your stuff, not halfway.

20150523_115119Skirtings delivered!

Pardon my excessive use of exclamation marks, but it is quite stimulating to find things happening with the construction all the time. Who needs coffee!!! (Ok I take that back.) I’m hoping that the next time I visit, they would have all the skirtings installed 😀

Doors delivered!

When I was doing selections for the house, I didn’t know most of what I want to go into the house, but I do know for sure that I wanted white walls and ceiling, to go with black window frames, sliding doors, and doors. The internal doors are usually just normal flush panels, but I decided to go with some simple molding on the doors and have them painted black, hoping to bring out their character / elegance. Can’t remember the door handles I picked, but I hope they are good.

Last but not least, standing on the bottom level, seeing the back view of my entry door. Thanks for visiting everyone!





It’s looking like a real home now! And you know how long they took to do this? All in a few days! Geez how did they do it? I hope there are some leftover bricks lying around, planning to make my letter box out of them – in the same number of days they took to brick the whole house lol. -Challenge accepted, adds to list of Projects

More piccies here. Click to enlarge.


20150502_102730 20150502_102159
Public view of the house

Kitchen window, taken from future veggie patch

Awaiting pantry door to go in

I wonder why the bit above the pantry door hasn’t been bricked.


Electrical wiring has gone in!

Bro’s future room. He plans to head out that door and eat straight from the veggie patch when he’s hungry. And secretly let the dog(s) into his room when I’m not watching. You think he’d be smart enough to not tell me that.


I got an external contractor to put the air conditioner in. Another tick on my to do list!

Bags of insulation. Guess what’s happening next? 🙂

Apologies for not putting up sneak peak 3 yet, I thought this was more exciting!!!

“Sneak peak” Part 2

Moving on from the kitchen, today’s tour will be on the areas surrounding the kitchen. Hope you guys aren’t still reeling from my drawing, because you need to brace yourself for the next one now! Before I start, here’s the floor plan to refresh your memory.

Let me present to you – The Butler’s Pantry & The Coffee Bar

20150402_183246 20150402_183246-1
View from Elevation 3 on the floor plan (looking at Meals, WIP, Kitchen from Family).
Click on images to enlarge.

In the previous post, you’ve seen the kitchen with my illustrations on mostly the cabinetry to be installed. Now, not forgetting that, turning just to the left of the kitchen, in that enclosed area, is the butler’s pantry. I know I don’t have a butler, but I don’t careeee I’m gonna call it a butler’s pantry anyway! It isn’t going to be fully enclosed because the entry to the pantry (oooh it rhymes) will not have a door to it, just so that I can dash straight for the fridge when I get hungry lol. Yes, if you are wondering what that is, that is a fridge in the pantry. Along the same wall where the fridge sits, I will be putting in shelves along the entire length of that wall for food storage. It is a pantry after all, of course it’s gotta store food! Across that wall in the same room, I will be having more bench tops and cabinets, as well as a single sink for washing and dirty dishes to hide in when I have guests over. 🙂 I think I’m going to have a lot more storage space than I would ever need! And, at the end of the pantry, is a door that leads to the outside. For what, you say. Well, when I was designing the house, I thought – I’m going to have a veggie patch and it would be quite troublesome walking a long way around the house just to get to the veggie patch to harvest a few veggies for cooking. Why not put a door in the pantry? I gave myself a pat on the back, and drew it into the plan.

You guys may not know this, but my original design was a single storey house, not a split level. Due to the slope of the land, if I had stuck to the original design, my retaining walls would have to be about 2 metres in height at one corner of the house. The view would be stunning I’m sure, peeking above the other houses, but I would have also burnt quite a huge hole in my pocket just to build a retaining wall that high. I did submit that plan to the council. They disagreed and decided that the fencing, as a result of the height, would look absolutely awful. They suggested that I split the house, and I did. With a split level, therefore the need for stairs in the house, and I think it looks absolutely awesome! It has created this little nook just between the pantry and the stairs, and (no points for guessing it right because I wrote it in the picture) that’s where my coffee machine is going to go 🙂 Right in the middle of the house, where the smell can waft through the entire place. I haven’t quite thought about the design, but that’s where the drinks (ahem you know what they are) will be housed too.

In the midst of all that awesome-ness, I will have a dining table that looks like this:

(after some modifications on one of the tables I’ve scored 😀 )

Guess what sneak peak part 3 is going to be?