Happy Labour Day, South Australia!

Today, is the 5th of October, Monday, and a public holiday too. This is probably the first day since handover that I am actually chilling out at home and not racing with time to get something done urgently. It’s Labour Day today, and I think I’m going to reward myself for all the labour in the past few months by not labouring. Lol. I’m sitting here thinking to myself, I could get used to living here. Haha.

I guess you would say
– Duh of course you would! You designed it yourself!
– It’s your first home! It’s impossible for you to not want to live there!
– You’ve just moved in, there’s no way you’re sick of it already.

I guess that’s all correct, but it is also true that many times during the entire process, I was getting sick and tired of it, ready to give up and just build a crap house, forfeit my deposit with the builder and just keep the land till I’m more ready for it, etc. I wish I could say the entire process was extremely pleasant, but the truth is, it wasn’t for me. Truth is, it was quite nightmarish, and I was convinced that I wasn’t going to complete this project.

But today,Ā as I pottered around the house doing laundry, buying a long garden hose, cleaning out the rabbits’ new and bigger hutch, watering the gazanias, picking out caterpillars from my kale shrubs, it dawned on me that this is where I’m going to be for quite a long time. So, at the end of all the stresses and anxieties, I am starting to find that sweet aftertaste in having my own house.


Noooo I can’t believe I’ve abandoned my blog for a good 4 MONTHS!!!

I really do suck at multi-tasking.

Anyways, here’s the announcement:


What, you say? The doors went in the last you heard, and now the house is complete?! It’s no sorcery, trust me. Well I couldn’t blog for a long time, because they locked up the house and I couldn’t get in to take pictures.

Here’s what happened over the past few months.

Spent part of June on a road trip to Canberra and back (sorry I don’t know how to make the images smaller!):


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My attempt at snowman. šŸ˜”

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Australian icon – Dog on the Tuckerbox

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I had my birthday celebration inĀ July, and even had the privilege of two old friends visiting me during the same weekend, where we had a staycation at Port Elliot, hoping to spot some whales haha.

The #handover happened on the 24th of July! Let’s just say that I’m more relieved than excited. It was so uneventful, the keys came like this:

IMG_20150724_095936nopmIn a ziplock bag.

Spent 2 good weeks after handover trying to clean up the rental place and get started on the flooring in the new house. Yes, I had just concrete to start with! I’m glad I decided to DIY the flooring because I got what I wanted from Power Dekor at much less of a cost, thanks to my friend’s recommendation.

The entire August and September so far has been about the flooring mostly, and remodelling my bed frame (I dictated, and got the guru to do it ^_^). Will attempt to post up more pictures of progress soon!


Do you know how it feels like to be underwater, holding your breath for a long time, and finally coming up to the surface to take a gasp of air soĀ you don’t turn blue like the sea you are in and pass out?

That’s me metaphorically, finally resurfacing in the blogosphere after a long 2 months. The past 2 months had been pretty long for me, considering the list of events that have unfolded in my life Ā and my constant wish that I can finally have a breather. So, time to fill you guys in –Ā I probably won’t list everythingĀ in one blog post, but I will attempt to write in a chronological order. šŸ™‚

Since the last blog post, every aspect of my life had been utter chaos. The laboratory that I’ve been working in had to move from one location to another. We have a pretty massive lab, and a messy one too. So I spent the entire month packing things up into boxes and labelling things. Things were a rather challenging because instead of moving into an empty space, we were actually swapping lab space with another lab (and guess what, that lab had to renovate my old lab while I was in it, before they moved in), and that brought the stress to another whole new level. Adding on to that, we had equipment that are pretty sensitive (like machines with lasers, or freezers that go down to -86 degrees C instead of the domestic -20 degrees C ones) which meant we need relatively experienced movers. The bit that had almost tipped me over the point multiple times, was having to deal with somebody in that new workplace, who had never kept a single promise he made, stuffed me up every single bit of the way, just so that he could protect his own interests. In real estate terms, it was as though I had bought a new house, waiting for that irresponsible person to move out, while the people who bought my old place had the right to renovate my old house, therefore leaving me with my life in boxes and everything on the floor, pretty much stuck in limbo.

-Restraining myself from turningĀ this post into a bitchfest-

Regardless of what had happened that month, I have emerged a better person and I am almost convinced that I am almost quite the professional mover now haha. That should prep me up for the actual move when the house is ready!

Before I knew it, February came. Attempting to unbox my life at work, I was also faced with the challenge of accommodating my mum and brother. Mum has always been the city girl her entire life, and have not experienced many cultural differences apart from the different races we have in Singapore. My rental place was in chaos (a story for later), and there was absolutely no way I could accommodate mum and bro at my place, so I have asked a friend for help, and he had kindly allowed them to stay at his place. In the country. Up in the hills. Where the land is so vast, and the trees are full of chirping birds. Where the koalas growl to ward of competition. Where the kangaroos visit. Where the possums scurry around. Where he kept 3 goats.

I’m just glad that she survived it all, especially when the nearest place to have a decent meal is about a 15 minutes’ drive away, while in Singapore, food is everywhere (I no lie!) Having them up there meant driving everyone down early every morning Ā (because there are no buses to my friend’s place) and planning our schedules perfectly so that our day can just get by. It was a relief when my housemate went away on holidays and offered his room for my family to stay in. So now it’s just my brother left, doing his undergraduate degree at University of Adelaide. I guess that makes me a single mum now. LOL.

That was also the month the beloved rabbits passed on – they had been living up in the hills at friend’s place, and got caught by foxes even when they were in their cage šŸ˜„ Brutal, those foxes are! It was also the month my house was broken into, and although I lost nothing, my housemates were unlucky enough to lose their wedding rings and quite a bit of money. Scared me enough to keep me awake for quite a number of nights.Ā It happened to be the end of our rental contract too, and in order to return the housemates their security bond, we had to clean up the entire house even though I was still staying on. As a result of them moving out, I was also busy trying to acquire all necessary appliances and furniture to furnish the house, and finding a housemate at the same time.

Phew! That was quite a list!

What about the house??? That’s what I’m here to read about!
Okok, enough of my series of unfortunate events! Luckily for me, my mum got to witness some progress with the construction – the pouring of the slab!



Pardon the awful quality of the pictures, they were taken with my almost dysfunctional phone. More updates about the construction progressĀ in the next post!

For now, breathe, and dive back into the water again.

I can’t have the best of both worlds, can I?

I know I said in my previous post that I will be praying for rain. Really,Ā I should have been more specific, and said that I will be praying for rain where the fires are and not where my block of land is.

Yesterday was my day off, I did some errands and went over to the block is with a 6 pack of beer for Craig for helping me with the bank’s demands last year. The weather wasn’t too bad, just a constant light drizzle. When I got there, I didn’t see anybody putting a retaining wall in. Turned out it was too wet for anything to happen. Nooooooooooo..

Unbelievable what the weather has turned into. I went up into the hills to help out a friend with his bathroom renovation (Yup you didn’t hear me wrong! Me, helping out with a bathroom reno! I laid bricks yo!) This was how the view looked like:

Like, seriously?!

Thought that was drastic enough, seeing fog in summer. And then, I read this online:


Ok everyone, enough with all that praying for rain. Stop. Now.

Let’s be specific and pray for great sunny weather over my block of land please! šŸ˜›

It’s burning in SA

It’s summer alright. Not only is it burning hot, but it is actually burning.


Seen onĀ http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-01-03/adelaide-hills-face-most-dangerous-fire-day-since-ash-wednesday/5998294 by Ben Goode / Earth Art Photography

I’ve only seen the fire glow from over the other side of the hills, but I haven’t actually seen the magnitude of the fire like this. Coming from Singapore where we have never really experienced disasters like this (whether you call it natural or not), I’m thankful I don’t live in the high bushfire risk areas because before seeing this picture, my bushfire action plan was to pee everywhere but I certainly have changed my mind now. :X

Regardless of how this major fire started, it is still very sad to hear that many of those houses have gone down in the fire, and the wildlife that has perished with it. Being in the midst of the building process myself, it is horrifying and devastating to imagine all that time and effort gone into constructing a house being wiped out instantly by a fire. And it’s definitely worse for those people because they have spent years building their lives and beautiful memories around their homes.

And as I type, my friend is driving my car up to his place to check on his house and making sure everything is alright. To those who are at risk of bushfires, I hope you are well-prepared because this season ain’t over yet. Do the best you can,Ā butĀ remember that your lives are most important above it all. To those who are safe from bushfires, let’sĀ supportĀ them as much as we can.

I will be praying for rain, and for the people who are affected by the fires.

#SAfires #prayforadelaide