About Me

Hi, I am Teresa and this is blog is going to be my journal, documenting the building process of my very first home, discovering bits along the way that I find fascinating, my journey of learning, my frustrations, finding inspirations, hopefully come out of it all with a modest but beautiful home and much wiser than I started out.

I love looking around for ideas on the web for interior designs, as well as finding interesting DIYs to help me do up my place on a budget. I know many people think it is a pretty technical and highly laborious job for a girl, but I am hoping that with the web on my fingertips and a friend who will be my most trusted guru, I will be able to accomplish the tasks I have set out to do.

I have tried blogging since my younger days, but I have never had the motivation to keep them going. So I hope my keen interest and excitement about the new house will keep me going with this journal. And as most of my friends are overseas, I am hoping to use this blog as a means to share about my life with them, perhaps also meet like-minded people, be inspired and encouraged by each other’s project accomplishments.

Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog, I hope you enjoy reading my posts!


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