The 92.36% completed flooring

We started on the flooring right after the handover. Based on the dates on the pictures, we took about 3 months to get most of the flooring done. 8 months on, it still isn’t quite done because the scotia isn’t finished on some areas of the house XD

Got side-tracked. A LOT.

 Anyway, here’s how it progressed with the flooring:

L-R: Living area, living area, pantry, scotia

The biggest challenge was the stairs. Couldn’t quite work out how to perfectly fit each plank in with perfectly cut edges without the scotia to hide ugly bits, and also had trouble hiding the grooved edges to get the perfect lines. But we did it. Took a brand new blade to do them all.







I know the scotia isn’t quite done around the house, but I think I will cross out “3. Laminate flooring in the house” just so I feel like something’s been achieved in the past 8 months XD



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