The move

I was about to apologise for not updating in the last 6 months, and then I realised that it is becoming a trend for me to keep apologising in my posts for not updating regularly. Yikes. I’m not really sure who I am apologising to anyway, but to whoever’s still out there scanning through my posts – I’m sorry, again!

6 months is a pretty long time to be missing, I guess I had better have some good excuses for that. In the past 6 months:
I’ve had friends and family visiting.
I adopted 1 dog, then another.
I adopted 2 chooks.
I’ve been on a few trips.
The flooring is almost finished.
The curtains are up.
Paving in alfresco done.
I got a bathtub!

But I still owe the blog a description of what happened during the week we moved. So, here it goes!

2nd week after handover

By the end of the 1st week, I was really getting quite sick of doing/watching the floorboards. Mostly because I wasn’t too good at it, and also partly because I find it hard to not measure/cut the floorboards accurately. In the end, I found myself spending most of my time trying to coordinate tradies and getting things happening to the house quickly.

A lot of things happened during that week that it’s pretty much a blur to me now (and also because it’s been about 4 months since it happened haha). Here’s sort of what I remembered:

  • Air conditioning
    I organised for the air conditioner to be installed as quickly as I could, because we were all freezing our asses off in winter. I’ve always loved big open areas with high ceilings, but the one time I would curse that is when it’s winter and when I’ve only got little blow heaters trying to keep us warm.
  • Fencing
    The wrecked retaining wall post was fixed (they had to dig out the concrete base and re-pour it!) at the expense of the builder, and they were certainly not very happy about it. As for me, I’m glad they didn’t go back on their word and was happy that I got to arrange for the fencing to be installed in the same week.
  • Driveway
    I must say, the driveway is the greatest disaster in my entire house building “career”. I organised for the driveway to be concreted right after I knew when my house was going to be handed over to me, because I wanted to be able to utilise the driveway to move things during the muddy winter season.
    It worked out fine at first, in fact, it looked gorgeous.IMG_20150724_152327
    Coloured concrete driveway. I picked charcoal, to match the colour scheme of the house! I even paid more just to get that colour. However, after it was done, the contractor told me he had to rip it all up again because there was something wrong with the mix, and he wanted to re-do the driveway because he wanted to do a good job of it.I could hear my heart being ripped out when he said that. Oh well, I thought, I’d give him a chance to do it right. He spent a great deal of time cutting up the driveway by himself, removing the concrete pieces, etc. In the end, due to our tight schedule, he couldn’t get it done before we moved in. Bummer.

    However, that’s not it. The driveway has been re-done, the colour looked right for the 1st week or so. And then it faded. Faded so much, I swear it is nothing like charcoal. It was so muddy and wet then that he couldn’t connect the drains up. He said he would come back, but I haven’t seen him for months. It’s a bit heart-breaking when you’ve paid so much money for a driveway but get nothing like what you’ve paid for. 😦 I’m not going to put up a photo of the current state. Still makes me sad thinking about it.

  • 20160404_180312Skylight
    The supervisor did not know that our skylight is supposed to be a window. Honestly, a week after the handover and he realised it is an actual window, that was yet to be put in. They had problems fitting the window, scratching the paint in the process, and had trouble getting a painter in to tidy it up. It wasn’t 2 weeks after the handover that it was finally finished. Here’s the sort of effect with the skylight. Pardon the ugly quilt and pillow cases.
  • The move
    I must say, what we did that week was quite impressive. Moving every single thing from the rental place and cleaning it up before returning the keys, while trying to organise the tradies and also getting as much of the flooring done as possible. If I were to ever lose my job, I think I will take up event planning haha. I deliberately took pictures of the mess so my excitable mum wouldn’t think about crashing in when I was so highly strung. Check out the mess:

20150808_115528 20150808_115438 20150808_115501
I made my brother paint his bed frame black because I wanted more black in the house, even though he’s the one who has been sleeping on the bed lol.



And, we lived happily ever after.

Not yet, because us smart-asses took on some really big projects in the backyard.


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