Noooo I can’t believe I’ve abandoned my blog for a good 4 MONTHS!!!

I really do suck at multi-tasking.

Anyways, here’s the announcement:


What, you say? The doors went in the last you heard, and now the house is complete?! It’s no sorcery, trust me. Well I couldn’t blog for a long time, because they locked up the house and I couldn’t get in to take pictures.

Here’s what happened over the past few months.

Spent part of June on a road trip to Canberra and back (sorry I don’t know how to make the images smaller!):


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My attempt at snowman. 😡

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Australian icon – Dog on the Tuckerbox

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I had my birthday celebration in July, and even had the privilege of two old friends visiting me during the same weekend, where we had a staycation at Port Elliot, hoping to spot some whales haha.

The #handover happened on the 24th of July! Let’s just say that I’m more relieved than excited. It was so uneventful, the keys came like this:

IMG_20150724_095936nopmIn a ziplock bag.

Spent 2 good weeks after handover trying to clean up the rental place and get started on the flooring in the new house. Yes, I had just concrete to start with! I’m glad I decided to DIY the flooring because I got what I wanted from Power Dekor at much less of a cost, thanks to my friend’s recommendation.

The entire August and September so far has been about the flooring mostly, and remodelling my bed frame (I dictated, and got the guru to do it ^_^). Will attempt to post up more pictures of progress soon!


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  1. Thanks Jo! Stressful but fun times moving in and doing the house up, I’d say work officially started after handover. I have always heard that people often get a neat little package with their handover, so I guess I would say I was a little disappointed. Not sure why there were 16 of the same keys in that bag, but I know I won’t run out of keys ever! Lol


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