Knock knock. Who’s there?

20150523_114809The front door is in! Now I can play knock knock!

Before I go on, I just want to say don’t panic, the door isn’t going to stay green. They are made like this, then you pick the colour you want to be painted on the door. Haha. I think mine’s gonna be grey.

I’m sorry I jumped the gun, because that was quite exciting for me. Here’s a few updates for you!

20150516_150525Plaster boards have gone in!

It is absolutely incredible seeing what goes into making a wall. We’ve seen the timber frames that make the shape of the house. We’ve seen the insulation that went into the walls. (At least I’ve seen it haha. Sorry I haven’t got pictures because it’s always dark by the time I get there!) Now we’ve seen them put the plaster boards up. They put the nails in, they tape the gaps between each board, they patch over the nails and the tape to eventually give it a smooth finish so that they can paint over the wall. I feel like a new mum swooning over my baby, looking at every detail and loving every bit of it. Down to the nails.


I can proudly announce that I have actually measured and cut and put up cornices before. In fact, I’ve made a set of cornices cut in different ways and angles to illustrate what angle to cut in which direction, so that I know if the cornices make an acute angle (like the picture above) or obtuse angle. I didn’t make these ones, but I sure can appreciate how difficult it is for a novice to get the angle right and to finish it without much gap in the corners. My advice is: Get a mitre box. It works wonders! And make sure it allows you to cut through your stuff, not halfway.

20150523_115119Skirtings delivered!

Pardon my excessive use of exclamation marks, but it is quite stimulating to find things happening with the construction all the time. Who needs coffee!!! (Ok I take that back.) I’m hoping that the next time I visit, they would have all the skirtings installed 😀

Doors delivered!

When I was doing selections for the house, I didn’t know most of what I want to go into the house, but I do know for sure that I wanted white walls and ceiling, to go with black window frames, sliding doors, and doors. The internal doors are usually just normal flush panels, but I decided to go with some simple molding on the doors and have them painted black, hoping to bring out their character / elegance. Can’t remember the door handles I picked, but I hope they are good.

Last but not least, standing on the bottom level, seeing the back view of my entry door. Thanks for visiting everyone!



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