“Sneak peak” Part 3

I swear I started on this post a long time ago, but I didn’t get around to finishing it! Today’s sneak peak is…..

The Living Room 

20150402_183036 20150402_183036-2
View from Elevation 1 on the floor plan, looking from Meals.
Click on images to enlarge.

They (everyone but me) call it the Family room. Honestly, I don’t know what the difference is. Maybe the Family room is where the family gets together, while the Living room is where the parents get to have a life? :p

I guess the Living room is pretty standard. It will eventually be occupied with a couch, coffee table, TV cabinet with a nice (hopefully 55″ UHD 3D Smart) TV. 😀 My only other issue with this area is that I didn’t make the area very big, so it is going to be a bit cram with the entrance to the Laundry right behind the couch. On the bright side, I won’t be needing a massive TV because I will be sitting pretty close!

A friend of mine was going through the exercise of purchasing a block of land and drawing a plan to try and fit it on the block. It was a narrow block, so he had in mind a courtyard with just glass panels and sliding doors all around it to make the space more open. I had this impression that the standard sized ASDs are not very big, and so for many days I was kicking myself for not asking the builder to put a big ASD where the view to the hills is. One day I found some time to visit the block, and to my surprise, I realised that the ASD is exactly what I wished I had asked for! I probably should have checked the floor plan or even look at the pictures before making myself feel so depressed about my lack of forethought, which I actually did not lack. Hahahahaha.

Finally, I am very seriously contemplating having this between the Meals and the Living room:

Somewhere along the lines of that, but a two-way one. Gotta be two-way, wood burning, and freestanding. Do people make custom-made fireplaces? Anyway, look out for sneak peak part 4!


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