Knock knock. Who’s there?

20150523_114809The front door is in! Now I can play knock knock!

Before I go on, I just want to say don’t panic, the door isn’t going to stay green. They are made like this, then you pick the colour you want to be painted on the door. Haha. I think mine’s gonna be grey.

I’m sorry I jumped the gun, because that was quite exciting for me. Here’s a few updates for you!

20150516_150525Plaster boards have gone in!

It is absolutely incredible seeing what goes into making a wall. We’ve seen the timber frames that make the shape of the house. We’ve seen the insulation that went into the walls. (At least I’ve seen it haha. Sorry I haven’t got pictures because it’s always dark by the time I get there!) Now we’ve seen them put the plaster boards up. They put the nails in, they tape the gaps between each board, they patch over the nails and the tape to eventually give it a smooth finish so that they can paint over the wall. I feel like a new mum swooning over my baby, looking at every detail and loving every bit of it. Down to the nails.


I can proudly announce that I have actually measured and cut and put up cornices before. In fact, I’ve made a set of cornices cut in different ways and angles to illustrate what angle to cut in which direction, so that I know if the cornices make an acute angle (like the picture above) or obtuse angle. I didn’t make these ones, but I sure can appreciate how difficult it is for a novice to get the angle right and to finish it without much gap in the corners. My advice is: Get a mitre box. It works wonders! And make sure it allows you to cut through your stuff, not halfway.

20150523_115119Skirtings delivered!

Pardon my excessive use of exclamation marks, but it is quite stimulating to find things happening with the construction all the time. Who needs coffee!!! (Ok I take that back.) I’m hoping that the next time I visit, they would have all the skirtings installed 😀

Doors delivered!

When I was doing selections for the house, I didn’t know most of what I want to go into the house, but I do know for sure that I wanted white walls and ceiling, to go with black window frames, sliding doors, and doors. The internal doors are usually just normal flush panels, but I decided to go with some simple molding on the doors and have them painted black, hoping to bring out their character / elegance. Can’t remember the door handles I picked, but I hope they are good.

Last but not least, standing on the bottom level, seeing the back view of my entry door. Thanks for visiting everyone!



“Sneak peak” Part 3

I swear I started on this post a long time ago, but I didn’t get around to finishing it! Today’s sneak peak is…..

The Living Room 

20150402_183036 20150402_183036-2
View from Elevation 1 on the floor plan, looking from Meals.
Click on images to enlarge.

They (everyone but me) call it the Family room. Honestly, I don’t know what the difference is. Maybe the Family room is where the family gets together, while the Living room is where the parents get to have a life? :p

I guess the Living room is pretty standard. It will eventually be occupied with a couch, coffee table, TV cabinet with a nice (hopefully 55″ UHD 3D Smart) TV. 😀 My only other issue with this area is that I didn’t make the area very big, so it is going to be a bit cram with the entrance to the Laundry right behind the couch. On the bright side, I won’t be needing a massive TV because I will be sitting pretty close!

A friend of mine was going through the exercise of purchasing a block of land and drawing a plan to try and fit it on the block. It was a narrow block, so he had in mind a courtyard with just glass panels and sliding doors all around it to make the space more open. I had this impression that the standard sized ASDs are not very big, and so for many days I was kicking myself for not asking the builder to put a big ASD where the view to the hills is. One day I found some time to visit the block, and to my surprise, I realised that the ASD is exactly what I wished I had asked for! I probably should have checked the floor plan or even look at the pictures before making myself feel so depressed about my lack of forethought, which I actually did not lack. Hahahahaha.

Finally, I am very seriously contemplating having this between the Meals and the Living room:

Somewhere along the lines of that, but a two-way one. Gotta be two-way, wood burning, and freestanding. Do people make custom-made fireplaces? Anyway, look out for sneak peak part 4!




It’s looking like a real home now! And you know how long they took to do this? All in a few days! Geez how did they do it? I hope there are some leftover bricks lying around, planning to make my letter box out of them – in the same number of days they took to brick the whole house lol. -Challenge accepted, adds to list of Projects

More piccies here. Click to enlarge.


20150502_102730 20150502_102159
Public view of the house

Kitchen window, taken from future veggie patch

Awaiting pantry door to go in

I wonder why the bit above the pantry door hasn’t been bricked.


Electrical wiring has gone in!

Bro’s future room. He plans to head out that door and eat straight from the veggie patch when he’s hungry. And secretly let the dog(s) into his room when I’m not watching. You think he’d be smart enough to not tell me that.


I got an external contractor to put the air conditioner in. Another tick on my to do list!

Bags of insulation. Guess what’s happening next? 🙂

Apologies for not putting up sneak peak 3 yet, I thought this was more exciting!!!