“Sneak peak” Part 1

Pictures galore, everybody! But I will probably only put up just one for now. :p

I apologise in advance for what seemed more like an attempt to mutilate the photos than annotating them. In order for your reading to be a bit more enjoyable, you have to have a little bit of creativity and visualise something grander than my pre-school drawings. You can refer to the floor plan if that helps you understand what you are looking at.

Let’s start with The Kitchen

20150402_183021 20150402_183021-1

I know people have said that a picture says a thousand words, but mine is probably one of those few that doesn’t say anything. Sorry! Anyway, my favourite bit about the kitchen – the window! I have a thing for big windows, and this is the one window I’m going to depend a lot on to warm up my kitchen / meals / living area on the cold winter days. For those of you wondering, this is the view from Elevation 4 on the floor plan (looking at the Kitchen from the Meals).

What my drawing is supposed to illustrate – Built in cabinetry in an L shape, spanning from the bottom left corner of picture to the back, then turning right and following along the wall where the window is, till it reaches the timber beam where my drawn line ends. I’ve got a freestanding Westinghouse 900mm stove / oven, unlike what I’ve drawn in the picture haha. That squiggly sickle-shaped thing in front of the window is supposed to be the tap, which indicates where the sink is, and where the dishwasher will be too. Of course then there is the kitchen island right in the middle of it all. 🙂

So, picture all that, along with white walls all around, black window frames, black bench tops with white cabinet doors, stainless steel freestanding stove / oven and rangehood, black glossy splashback across the wall where the stove is. And hopefully, some beautiful pendant lights above the kitchen island

Looking out of that gorgeous window, is where I’m going to have my terraced veggie patch. I’ve also designed the butler’s pantry with a door, so that I can go out to the veggie patch to harvest some crop for cooking. Genius idea, no? 😀

Questions are welcomed, and keep your eyes peeled for sneak peak part 2!



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