“Sneak peak” Part 2

Moving on from the kitchen, today’s tour will be on the areas surrounding the kitchen. Hope you guys aren’t still reeling from my drawing, because you need to brace yourself for the next one now! Before I start, here’s the floor plan to refresh your memory.

Let me present to you – The Butler’s Pantry & The Coffee Bar

20150402_183246 20150402_183246-1
View from Elevation 3 on the floor plan (looking at Meals, WIP, Kitchen from Family).
Click on images to enlarge.

In the previous post, you’ve seen the kitchen with my illustrations on mostly the cabinetry to be installed. Now, not forgetting that, turning just to the left of the kitchen, in that enclosed area, is the butler’s pantry. I know I don’t have a butler, but I don’t careeee I’m gonna call it a butler’s pantry anyway! It isn’t going to be fully enclosed because the entry to the pantry (oooh it rhymes) will not have a door to it, just so that I can dash straight for the fridge when I get hungry lol. Yes, if you are wondering what that is, that is a fridge in the pantry. Along the same wall where the fridge sits, I will be putting in shelves along the entire length of that wall for food storage. It is a pantry after all, of course it’s gotta store food! Across that wall in the same room, I will be having more bench tops and cabinets, as well as a single sink for washing and dirty dishes to hide in when I have guests over. 🙂 I think I’m going to have a lot more storage space than I would ever need! And, at the end of the pantry, is a door that leads to the outside. For what, you say. Well, when I was designing the house, I thought – I’m going to have a veggie patch and it would be quite troublesome walking a long way around the house just to get to the veggie patch to harvest a few veggies for cooking. Why not put a door in the pantry? I gave myself a pat on the back, and drew it into the plan.

You guys may not know this, but my original design was a single storey house, not a split level. Due to the slope of the land, if I had stuck to the original design, my retaining walls would have to be about 2 metres in height at one corner of the house. The view would be stunning I’m sure, peeking above the other houses, but I would have also burnt quite a huge hole in my pocket just to build a retaining wall that high. I did submit that plan to the council. They disagreed and decided that the fencing, as a result of the height, would look absolutely awful. They suggested that I split the house, and I did. With a split level, therefore the need for stairs in the house, and I think it looks absolutely awesome! It has created this little nook just between the pantry and the stairs, and (no points for guessing it right because I wrote it in the picture) that’s where my coffee machine is going to go 🙂 Right in the middle of the house, where the smell can waft through the entire place. I haven’t quite thought about the design, but that’s where the drinks (ahem you know what they are) will be housed too.

In the midst of all that awesome-ness, I will have a dining table that looks like this:

(after some modifications on one of the tables I’ve scored 😀 )

Guess what sneak peak part 3 is going to be?


“Sneak peak” Part 1

Pictures galore, everybody! But I will probably only put up just one for now. :p

I apologise in advance for what seemed more like an attempt to mutilate the photos than annotating them. In order for your reading to be a bit more enjoyable, you have to have a little bit of creativity and visualise something grander than my pre-school drawings. You can refer to the floor plan if that helps you understand what you are looking at.

Let’s start with The Kitchen

20150402_183021 20150402_183021-1

I know people have said that a picture says a thousand words, but mine is probably one of those few that doesn’t say anything. Sorry! Anyway, my favourite bit about the kitchen – the window! I have a thing for big windows, and this is the one window I’m going to depend a lot on to warm up my kitchen / meals / living area on the cold winter days. For those of you wondering, this is the view from Elevation 4 on the floor plan (looking at the Kitchen from the Meals).

What my drawing is supposed to illustrate – Built in cabinetry in an L shape, spanning from the bottom left corner of picture to the back, then turning right and following along the wall where the window is, till it reaches the timber beam where my drawn line ends. I’ve got a freestanding Westinghouse 900mm stove / oven, unlike what I’ve drawn in the picture haha. That squiggly sickle-shaped thing in front of the window is supposed to be the tap, which indicates where the sink is, and where the dishwasher will be too. Of course then there is the kitchen island right in the middle of it all. 🙂

So, picture all that, along with white walls all around, black window frames, black bench tops with white cabinet doors, stainless steel freestanding stove / oven and rangehood, black glossy splashback across the wall where the stove is. And hopefully, some beautiful pendant lights above the kitchen island

Looking out of that gorgeous window, is where I’m going to have my terraced veggie patch. I’ve also designed the butler’s pantry with a door, so that I can go out to the veggie patch to harvest some crop for cooking. Genius idea, no? 😀

Questions are welcomed, and keep your eyes peeled for sneak peak part 2!


Stage 2: Timber frames and roof are up!

I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I last posted! I swear I haven’t been idle (apart from those times when I have been hooked onto superhero TV series Arrow and The Flash). In fact, I have spent a good deal of time helping out with my friend’s bathroom reno, I felt like we could almost team up to go on The Block for a bit of fun haha. I did this post a while back but haven’t had a chance to tidy and post it up :X

I guess time just flew by with the Easter long weekend holidaying, recovering from it all and battling the body’s urge to hibernate as the winter days approach.

In that month when I haven’t been blogging, things have indeed been happening with the construction:

Feel free to admire my unfinished masterpiece :p Taken with my new awesome Samsung Note 4 ^_^

Timber frames up, roof’s up, even windows and bath tub are in!

I remember a while ago, when I was looking at the concrete slab without all the timber on them, I thought to myself:

Gee, you mean my kitchen is so tiny?

Can I actually fit a washing machine in there?

That room looks like it’s not going to fit much in there.

I hope I don’t get obese ever, I won’t be able to shower in that space!

I can tell you, when I was designing the house, I tried to upsize everything. In my head, I was quite excited that it’s going to be this big space that I’m going to live in. When I saw the slab, I was excited, but a bit disappointed that everything looked small.

And now? I am profoundly amazed at how skewed perspectives can be. With the timber frames up, I can see for myself without trying to imagine how big or small the rooms are going to be. And I must say, I am rather pleased! I know, the ceiling is not up yet, so it may well turn out looking smaller again, but just let me enjoy this moment for awhile ok? Don’t burst my bubble.

Got a few pictures of the internal bits of the house, I can’t wait to put them up! -feeling smug- If I’m that smart, I might even put in a couple of videos of the “house tour” in the next post haha. 🙂 Ta!