Stage 1 complete, what’s next?

So, concrete’s in! I was pretty excited, because I actually saw them in action, doing the bottom half of the split level! Wish I knew the dates they were planning on doing it, so that I could see the whole process. Here’re a couple pictures of how it looked like with the trenching before the slab went in.

Impressed with how the land holds it shape when cut!

I went over to check things out after the whole slab was in, it looked quite good! However, on a closer look, I did spot a couple of issues too.

You probably don’t recall how the floor plan looks like, so here’s the picture again:


As you can see, in the middle of the house there is a butler’s pantry, and there is actually a sink in it. So apparently, all the drainage pipes are put in just before the concrete goes in. Therefore, I expected to see all the pipes in the relevant areas.

Picture of where pantry is going to be

In the background of the picture, it shows where the stairs are supposed to come down from. Somewhere in the middle of the picture towards the foreground, is where we should see a pipe. And it’s not there. So, I’ve found issue number 1.

Issue number 2 is this:

The smallest bit of the issue – chip in concrete

More severely damaged concrete sleeper

Worst bit of the issue – damaged steel post holding the concrete sleepers. In fact, the end of the sleepers had been damaged in the process, the post is not really holding the sleeper well any more.

The retaining wall was brand new!!! T_T Sigh. I know that sometimes it’s difficult maneuvering massive machinery, but I wish they could have been a lot more cautious than to wreck the retaining wall. Not even sure if that bent post still serves its function. 😦 I have contacted the builder to get them to rectify the problems. They have given me their promise that they will solve the problems, so I’m praying hard that they would.

Overall, apart from the few hiccups that have happened, I’m pretty happy that things have started to take shape. I can actually SEE where I’m going to sleep, where I will be making my morning coffees, and where I’m going to soak in my lovely tub! 🙂

There are more updates, but I will have to leave that for the next post! 😉


2 thoughts on “Stage 1 complete, what’s next?

  1. Hi Teresa, I just found your blog! It looks like you’re going to have an amazing view from your new house. Shame about the construction problems, but I’m sure they’ll fix it. Conslabulations!

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