It’s burning in SA

It’s summer alright. Not only is it burning hot, but it is actually burning.


Seen on by Ben Goode / Earth Art Photography

I’ve only seen the fire glow from over the other side of the hills, but I haven’t actually seen the magnitude of the fire like this. Coming from Singapore where we have never really experienced disasters like this (whether you call it natural or not), I’m thankful I don’t live in the high bushfire risk areas because before seeing this picture, my bushfire action plan was to pee everywhere but I certainly have changed my mind now. :X

Regardless of how this major fire started, it is still very sad to hear that many of those houses have gone down in the fire, and the wildlife that has perished with it. Being in the midst of the building process myself, it is horrifying and devastating to imagine all that time and effort gone into constructing a house being wiped out instantly by a fire. And it’s definitely worse for those people because they have spent years building their lives and beautiful memories around their homes.

And as I type, my friend is driving my car up to his place to check on his house and making sure everything is alright. To those who are at risk of bushfires, I hope you are well-prepared because this season ain’t over yet. Do the best you can, but remember that your lives are most important above it all. To those who are safe from bushfires, let’s support them as much as we can.

I will be praying for rain, and for the people who are affected by the fires.

#SAfires #prayforadelaide


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