I can’t have the best of both worlds, can I?

I know I said in my previous post that I will be praying for rain. Really, I should have been more specific, and said that I will be praying for rain where the fires are and not where my block of land is.

Yesterday was my day off, I did some errands and went over to the block is with a 6 pack of beer for Craig for helping me with the bank’s demands last year. The weather wasn’t too bad, just a constant light drizzle. When I got there, I didn’t see anybody putting a retaining wall in. Turned out it was too wet for anything to happen. Nooooooooooo..

Unbelievable what the weather has turned into. I went up into the hills to help out a friend with his bathroom renovation (Yup you didn’t hear me wrong! Me, helping out with a bathroom reno! I laid bricks yo!) This was how the view looked like:

Like, seriously?!

Thought that was drastic enough, seeing fog in summer. And then, I read this online:


Ok everyone, enough with all that praying for rain. Stop. Now.

Let’s be specific and pray for great sunny weather over my block of land please! 😛


It’s burning in SA

It’s summer alright. Not only is it burning hot, but it is actually burning.


Seen on http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-01-03/adelaide-hills-face-most-dangerous-fire-day-since-ash-wednesday/5998294 by Ben Goode / Earth Art Photography

I’ve only seen the fire glow from over the other side of the hills, but I haven’t actually seen the magnitude of the fire like this. Coming from Singapore where we have never really experienced disasters like this (whether you call it natural or not), I’m thankful I don’t live in the high bushfire risk areas because before seeing this picture, my bushfire action plan was to pee everywhere but I certainly have changed my mind now. :X

Regardless of how this major fire started, it is still very sad to hear that many of those houses have gone down in the fire, and the wildlife that has perished with it. Being in the midst of the building process myself, it is horrifying and devastating to imagine all that time and effort gone into constructing a house being wiped out instantly by a fire. And it’s definitely worse for those people because they have spent years building their lives and beautiful memories around their homes.

And as I type, my friend is driving my car up to his place to check on his house and making sure everything is alright. To those who are at risk of bushfires, I hope you are well-prepared because this season ain’t over yet. Do the best you can, but remember that your lives are most important above it all. To those who are safe from bushfires, let’s support them as much as we can.

I will be praying for rain, and for the people who are affected by the fires.

#SAfires #prayforadelaide

Hello 2015!


I hope 2014 had been a great year for all of you, but I also wish for an even better year this year for you!

Apologies for the lack of presence on my blog, I haven’t abandoned my old resolution of keeping a journal of my home-building process. It’s been a long festive season, and I’m sure everyone else too has been busy celebrating or just keeping up with containing the mess from the aftermath of celebrations.

I spent my Christmas week in Victoria, and went to Great Ocean Road, where we stayed at Warnambool and Torquay before getting to Melbourne. We said our “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” at midnight while in the midst of fighting off a Pandemic:

We saved the world from a pandemic in the nick of time! #throwback #Christmas

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Well-rested on Christmas day, we were all geared up for the Boxing Day sales in Essendon’s DFO. Let’s just say I wasn’t proud of the damage I did to my wallet there. And I ate so much that not a single moment of the trip was I feeling hungry. Don’t worry, won’t be bombarding the post with all my instagram pictures of food!

We finished up our trip with a visit to the Grampians National Park, and it was amazing!

Now, on to the REAL STUFF that you guys really came to my blog for.

The week before Christmas, I went to visit the block:


The site works had begun! It’s quite incredible seeing land taking shape, and how on earth the big machines knew what not to run over and destroy is quite amazing! At the same time, I was quite worried about that huge mound of soil. I had no updates from the builder or the site supervisor on whether the site works were actually completed or not, or what to do about the soil. So I just assumed that I can proceed on with getting the 2nd part of my retaining wall done.

I rang up Craig (the person doing my retaining walls) to inform him that the site works have happened, and he went down to have a look. He reckoned the site works weren’t completed, and I ended up spending a lot of my Christmas and New Year’s week ringing the builder and site supervisor, hoping somebody would pick up and fill me in on what’s happening.

Yesterday, I finally got a call from the site supervisor, and was told that they have removed the soil, and that the site works are completed. This is how it looks like now:

20150105_180701View from top of the block.
There are still a few piles of soil/gravel looking things, I suspect they are possibly dolomite or something similar for compacting the ground prior to putting the slab down.

Boundary near where the 2nd part of retaining wall is supposed to go in.

20150105_180904View from bottom of the block.
They have done a bit more cutting where the level splits, looks quite like what’s on the block plan now 🙂

The cut where the retaining wall is supposed to go in did not fit in with what was drawn on the plan. Turns out, they don’t do the cuts for the driveway bit. -_- I rang up Craig again, and I’m probably going to have to pay him to dig up the area to the right level so that he can put the wall in. I did offer to help him dig with my shovel 😛 but he kindly declined saying that he’s got the proper tools to do it quickly haha. Either way, it is going to happen this Thursday, and I’m really glad to finally get this bit out of the way!

Can’t wait for the slab to finally go down, I think I’m gonna bring a box of tissues with me when I see it go in! Hope all is well with all of you building your homes out there, and may this year be a year of great progress! And to those not building homes, may you have a great year ahead of you too! xx

 2015-01-06 16.51.23