First and last DIY project of 2014!

I’m back again!!! It’s been quite a few days since I blogged, but I swear I have a very good reason!

I got myself another rabbit.

No, I’m not getting obsessed about those very (re)productive creatures, but I thought Hazel might like some company while I’m away in Melbourne, cafe-hopping over the Christmas week. And, as a result of having 2 rabbits, I had to put them in a more comfortable housing, which leads me to the next decision that made my weekend reaaaaally busy.

I made a rabbit hutch!

Ok, I lied. I can’t build stuffs for nuts. But the rabbit hutch is indeed home-made, just that I only contributed to about 5% of the work lol. I’m thankful I have an awesome guru who has all the tools and even got me great scrap materials to work with, so the cost of the hutch is very low! Now brace yourselves for the materials and methods section.

At first, I had no idea how it was going to look like. Chris told me that it’s going to be a 800mm x 1800mm long hutch, with triangular doors on either end of it, and about a third of the hutch to be sheltered. I was kinda expecting him to draw me a blueprint lol. I can’t work without knowing what it’s going to look like! But apparently he had it roughly mapped out in my head, so I just had to follow the instructions. Here’s some of the materials and tools we used:


We had 3 long pieces cut out to be about 1800mm to make the corners of the length of the hutch, and 6 short pieces to hold the 3 long pieces into a triangle shape. Fast forwarding a little, here’s how it looked like next:


Chris had already made the partition for the hutch when I got back to it! I guess he was hoping for the hutch to be finished by the weekend, with or without my input :S

We started securing the mesh onto the bottom of the hutch. We got the mesh with the big gaps so that the rabbit poo can just fall out of the hutch onto the grass and we’ll just move the rabbits around the lawn. So I watched Chris hammer a few of them:


Looks pretty easy! Ok, my turn!


OMG it looks terrible T_T I swear the hammer is against me!!!

So I tried harder, and managed to get a few half decent ones out of a gazillion:


I saw this bad boy and I was looking for an Occ Health and Safety sheet for instructions on operation. Men and their toys, huh?


Anyway, the next step was painting the frame. Finally, something that I am relatively adequate at!


Being the clumsy me, I consider having just a bit of paint on myself a pretty good day.


We put up some smaller mesh on the “outdoor” bit of their hutch and a bit of sheeting to make their sleeping area a bit more waterproof:


By then, I was pretty exhausted and forgot to take pictures of the making of the doors. And that was the toughest bit, trying to get everything to fit snugly. We managed to complete the hutch today, and let the rabbits try out their new home. 🙂

20141215_192756 20141215_192804 20141215_192815

Hazel and Mocha checking out their new home. Dang, they’ve got their new home built before me!!!

The doors are completely detachable, held in place by just a bolt that slots into the block of wood on the door. Voila! 2 happy bunnies!


As for updates on MY new home, I went around the block today to pick some fresh grass for the bunnies and behold, toilet is up!


Not my toilet though. Hahahahaha.


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