I think I’m going to have the busiest month of the year ever! I’m going to start building a house, my workplace is planning the layout of its new building, planning the Melbourne trip that’s happening over Christmas, my lease is running out in a few months’ time and struggling to decide what to do about temporary accommodation for my Brother (who’s arriving in February next year) and myself when the lease is up while waiting for the house to be built. Phew. Don’t think I could ever verbally say that whole chunk in a breath.

On Monday, I was anxious to find out when the site works are going to happen, because I had this impression that the land had to settle for a few weeks after site works before they could do the footings and the concrete slab. As we all know, things don’t happen for a couple of weeks before and after Christmas, I was hoping that the site works can happen BEFORE the closure so that the land can settle over the holidays.

Good news from the builder a couple of days ago – the site works will be done on this side of Christmas! 😀 Awesome or what!

At the same time, I heard back from the guy doing the retaining wall, and this was his email to me:

Just a thought based on worst case, if your builder has not started site works before xmas I am prepared to excavate the area alongside the remaining retaining wall allowing me to construct prior to site works. (at no extra cost).
Our schedule is rather busy when we return to work in January and it would be good to finish your project without causing any delays from us.
We could commence on Monday the 15th December, are you happy for us to proceed with these dates.

You know what? I reckon he is the sweetest guy in the construction industry ever! I am just hoping the builder gets the site works done before he rocks up so he doesn’t have to waste his time doing something that he doesn’t have to do. That man and his crew deserves some beer!

So I guess the slab wouldn’t be in by the end of this year, but at least a couple of things will be happening before Christmas hits.



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