First day of the next season!



-looks out of the window and sees grey clouds- Oops.

Well at least it’s not a scorching summer’s day! Regardless of the gloomy weather today, I actually had a pretty significant morning:


TADAAAAA! I signed the construction bank loan papers this morning! Finally got to do the real deal after all the signature practices at home! Nah just kidding. Anyway, the signing didn’t take long nor did it feel all that important, instead I think it was the 25 mins walk there and 25 mins walk back to work that made the whole event feel significant haha. Afterthought: That’s a lot of words to go through in order to borrow a few hundred thousand from the bank. Must be pretty serious stuff to warrant so much paper isn’t it? So, I guess I can officially say I’ve put myself into a bigger debt now lol.

What’s next: Find out when the builder has scheduled for the siteworks to begin (so I can have an excuse to take a day off work and really, just to pop by to have a 5 min look, be nice to the construction supervisor, but the real purpose is to spend the rest of the day having a nice break sipping some coffee and maybe working on the rendering software again muahahahaha). Of course, not forgetting that I need to schedule retaining wall part 2 to happen before any slabs go down! Oh I can’t wait!


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