What’s in a name?

Introducing the newest member in my life that would join me in my home-building adventures and live with me in my future home:

Newest member in the family 🙂

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I spent the past few days agonizing about finding the perfect name for my first permanent pet (let’s just say my other first pets didn’t stay with me for that long). Oh, and over the home loan of course :p The pet just took priority for a while.

So, I kinda thought I will call it Minchkins. I have no idea why. Minch, for short. And I was warming up to that too. Just earlier today, I looked up Minchkins and Minch on Google. Here’s what the first link said:

Urban Dictionary: Minch
Minch is the medical definition for ‘stretched anal passage’


Without hesitation, I went on to google “names for brown rabbit”. You might say,

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

Now that I know what Minch means, I can’t un-think it any more, and you seriously cannot expect me to still be able to call her that!

Anyway, I have found the perfect name for this cute little bubby

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Say hi to Hazel! 🙂


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