CONFESSION: Ok to be honest….. Apart from being quite busy and tired from work, I spent the week moping away and feeling very unmotivated. All those months of battling with designs and council approval, just to be stumped by a silly finance approval. I was told awhile ago that the numbers have to be re-jigged, blahblahblah, and in my head I was just thinking, it’s going to take forever, and it’s probably never going to happen. So unmotivated I was, that I didn’t want to go on Pinterest, I didn’t want to think about anything related to the house at all, I guess, for fear of bringing my hopes up for more rejection. I think some of you would know by now, that waiting isn’t a game I love playing. So I have stayed offline and buried myself in work, just so I don’t douse everyone’s excitement with their own life. At least not until I have something decently positive to say.

THE DECENTLY POSITIVE THING TO SAY: I got the finance approval on Tuesday! Lol sorry for being such an ass with all that mopey stuff above. But hey it’s a blog and let’s be realistic, if life hasn’t got its ups and downs then you must be in a fairytale (wait, even fairytales have got their downs!) It was nice hearing from Sheilzy about the Liebster award and Aylin about the 3D rendering program, and text messages from my bestie in Singapore who’s thinking about migrating to possibly Adelaide. SQUEALS!!! That all brought some life back into me 🙂

Anyways, about the finance approval, I was only excited for a couple of seconds, and then I totally forgot about it with all those happening haha. Also, I was in the midst of acquiring a pet rabbit, and that’s enough to excite me more than a finance approval!

That’s the picture I got off gumtree haha. Gonna pick it up tonight, I can’t wait! Gotta decide on a name quickly!


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