Becoming an obsessed home-building enthusiast

As most of you already know, my primary job is scientific research, and home-building is kinda like a hobby or a personal project for me.

Just earlier at work today, a fresh kidney specimen came in, with an abnormal appearance of what looked like marbles or multi-coloured pebbles embedded in it. While feeling grossed out yet in awe at the same time, I said out loud,

“My goodness!!! This looks like an exposed aggregate concrete driveway!”

Exposed aggregate concrete

(click picture to see original link)


Then came a mental gasp. The technician looked at me, probably expecting words like “cysts/polycystic” and “fluid-filled” rather than “exposed aggregate” and “driveway”. So much for being in this profession for 3 years.

FOR THOSE NOT WILLING TO LOSE THEIR APPETITE, here’s a link with a cartoon that demonstrates what I saw:

FOR THOSE BRAVE ENOUGH, here’s a few examples of what I saw:


Afterthought: I think I have levelled-up as a home-building enthusiast.


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