Dressing the windows part 1

The whole incident with the bank has made me realise something – I have no idea what I really want with window treatments.

At this stage of home building, I’m not sure any one would have thought about window treatments at all! I knew I wanted curtains, but when people asked what type of curtains I wanted before they could do a quote for me, I was absolutely stumped.

Sheer or blockouts, types of fabrics, tracks or rods….

The first bit I am going to try tackling would be colours. It would have been easier if I already had the house built so I can try imagining the colours that would go with the house. But I don’t, so I have to turn to my trusted resources (google and pinterest) for some help.

Knowing that I am going to have black window frames, white walls and dark timber laminate floors, I typed “black window frames” and looked for pictures showing curtains with the combination that may look similar to my future home. Here’s some of what I’ve found:

Black curtains

White curtains

Black AND white curtains – best of both worlds!

I still cannot decide on the colour, but at least I’ve narrowed that down to just black and white ^_^ As for whether it’s going to be sheer / silk / canvas/ cotton, on tracks / rods, etc, I will leave that for another time.

For those that ever wondered why I am going to go with black window frames, here’s a nice link with pretty pictures that might convince you to go for the same too:



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