Mid yesterday while I was ploughing through work, I received an email from my mortgage broker, telling me there is an issue. My heart sank so low I’m almost sure it was as deep as the Mariana Trench.

The gist of the email is basically saying that I need to provide quotes for a few items and provide proof that I have enough funds to make the house complete before the mortgage insurer would be satisfied. And the quotes they are after are:

1. Fencing
2. Driveway
3. Front landscaping
4. Window treatments

I understand the need for fencing and driveway, but front landscaping and window treatments? I was just going to buy wood chips and a few shrubs for the front yard! How on earth am I supposed to get a quote for a job so small that no businesses will want to do? Curtains are the last to go up in the house, who would have thought about that even before the slab is down?!

Yes. I’m frustrated. So close, yet so far.

I typed away at the computer, sending millions of inquiries for quotes for the 4 items listed above. I never knew I could type at that sort of speed, and I could almost swear in my previous life I must have been a computer hacker. Not that I believe in previous lives. I was so anxious but yet proud of myself at the same time. I hate it when things are sprung on me like that, but I guess the rest of the building process isn’t going to be without any surprises so I might as well get stuck into it.

So exhausted just from sending and replying to all the emails. Pleasepleaseplease let it be all over soon.


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