Excitement builds

I noticed the pun in the title just as I typed it!

Let’s see, what’s been happening over the week?

The finance application is in the queue; the weeds are still laying low; I have applied to have the water meter moved; I have picked a date for the retaining wall to be built.

4th November will be the date the retaining wall – the first physical structure – will be built on my block of land!

It’s been so long since I bought the land, it feels kind of surreal that something is finally going to happen, and everything related to the house that I have been dreaming about isn’t just a dream, but possibly gradually becoming a reality in the next few months.

I can’t wait for it to be finished! I am already getting quotes for the flooring and trying to design my backyard to have a pet-proof-greenhoused veggie patch, an outdoor shower for summer days after a trip to the beach, and a neat decking for BBQ (this is Australia, who doesn’t love a BBQ right?) And, I have found the most wicked-looking BBQ/firepit on pinterest:



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