Lightbulb moment!

This. Is. Perfect!!!


Possibly the most feasible solution to that tiny room where I’m going to house my brother! Or even for a guest room it’s great!

Now the next challenge is, how do I make this.


1st attempt at 3D sketching (master bedroom and ensuite)

What I’ve learnt about myself during this house-building process so far: I’m impatient and I hate waiting.

Waiting for the quotes to come back is really killing me and I have been desperately trying to distract myself. And that whole issue with the curtains and trying to visualise my home bugged me so much, that I have resorted to Google Sketchup to try and create a 3D model of my house (and kill time of course).

Yes, I know what all of you are thinking – this girl needs to go to the mental hospital!

I probably spent about 8-10 hours just to draw up the master bedroom and the ensuite, and in the end product annoyed me because it didn’t look a single bit attractive like those 3D interior designs that I see on facebook. Lol.

Since I’ve put in so much effort into it, I think I ought to at least attempt to freak people out with my horrible piece of “art”. So, here goes:

1. Master bedroom

Master bedroom
What it is supposed to look like: A hammerhead-shaped room with dark timber laminate flooring, black aluminium framed windows (I was too exhausted to attempt the creation of curtains). For those of you who are wondering, yes I would be having ceilings in my actual house. There is supposed to be a door on that wall that is facing south that leads into the walk-in-robe, that also leads to the ensuite. Mostly drawn to scale, and even the design of the bed and colour of the sheets are exactly the same as what I have now haha (just missing the bed head). Other pieces of furniture will be put in eventually, but I couldn’t wait to draw up other bits of the house.

2. Ensuite

Ensuite bathroom

What it is supposed to look like: Rectangular bathroom with rectified charcoal floor tiles, gloss white wall tiles. Eventually I would like to install a rain shower (who wouldn’t???), while in the nearer future (like right after the house is built), I am going to install the glass panel for the walk-in shower concept. 🙂 Going to have to put in the freestanding bath myself too, but at least I get to pick what I want at a better price. The wall to the right of the picture is the same wall where the door from the bedroom leading into the walk-in robe will be. And of course there will be a wall between the walk-in robe and the bathroom, and a door in it as well. Anyway I’m really hoping the real deal turns out looking better than my crappy drawings. Here’s what the real bathroom bench top and cabinet doors are supposed to look like:

2014-10-28 21.51.50

I’m almost tempted to put a black chandelier in the middle of the bathroom just for the effect heehee.


If you happen to wonder what sort of window frames I am getting for my house, here’s the swatch for it:

2014-10-28 22.02.45-1

I apologise if anybody’s getting nightmares from this post, I promise I will watch more Sketchup tutorials and level up my drawing skills. 😛 Aaaaaaand sorry for the lengthy post!

Dressing the windows part 1

The whole incident with the bank has made me realise something – I have no idea what I really want with window treatments.

At this stage of home building, I’m not sure any one would have thought about window treatments at all! I knew I wanted curtains, but when people asked what type of curtains I wanted before they could do a quote for me, I was absolutely stumped.

Sheer or blockouts, types of fabrics, tracks or rods….

The first bit I am going to try tackling would be colours. It would have been easier if I already had the house built so I can try imagining the colours that would go with the house. But I don’t, so I have to turn to my trusted resources (google and pinterest) for some help.

Knowing that I am going to have black window frames, white walls and dark timber laminate floors, I typed “black window frames” and looked for pictures showing curtains with the combination that may look similar to my future home. Here’s some of what I’ve found:

Black curtains

White curtains

Black AND white curtains – best of both worlds!

I still cannot decide on the colour, but at least I’ve narrowed that down to just black and white ^_^ As for whether it’s going to be sheer / silk / canvas/ cotton, on tracks / rods, etc, I will leave that for another time.

For those that ever wondered why I am going to go with black window frames, here’s a nice link with pretty pictures that might convince you to go for the same too:



Mid yesterday while I was ploughing through work, I received an email from my mortgage broker, telling me there is an issue. My heart sank so low I’m almost sure it was as deep as the Mariana Trench.

The gist of the email is basically saying that I need to provide quotes for a few items and provide proof that I have enough funds to make the house complete before the mortgage insurer would be satisfied. And the quotes they are after are:

1. Fencing
2. Driveway
3. Front landscaping
4. Window treatments

I understand the need for fencing and driveway, but front landscaping and window treatments? I was just going to buy wood chips and a few shrubs for the front yard! How on earth am I supposed to get a quote for a job so small that no businesses will want to do? Curtains are the last to go up in the house, who would have thought about that even before the slab is down?!

Yes. I’m frustrated. So close, yet so far.

I typed away at the computer, sending millions of inquiries for quotes for the 4 items listed above. I never knew I could type at that sort of speed, and I could almost swear in my previous life I must have been a computer hacker. Not that I believe in previous lives. I was so anxious but yet proud of myself at the same time. I hate it when things are sprung on me like that, but I guess the rest of the building process isn’t going to be without any surprises so I might as well get stuck into it.

So exhausted just from sending and replying to all the emails. Pleasepleaseplease let it be all over soon.

Excitement builds

I noticed the pun in the title just as I typed it!

Let’s see, what’s been happening over the week?

The finance application is in the queue; the weeds are still laying low; I have applied to have the water meter moved; I have picked a date for the retaining wall to be built.

4th November will be the date the retaining wall – the first physical structure – will be built on my block of land!

It’s been so long since I bought the land, it feels kind of surreal that something is finally going to happen, and everything related to the house that I have been dreaming about isn’t just a dream, but possibly gradually becoming a reality in the next few months.

I can’t wait for it to be finished! I am already getting quotes for the flooring and trying to design my backyard to have a pet-proof-greenhoused veggie patch, an outdoor shower for summer days after a trip to the beach, and a neat decking for BBQ (this is Australia, who doesn’t love a BBQ right?) And, I have found the most wicked-looking BBQ/firepit on pinterest: