Moving on!

“Oh when the saints, go marching in… Oh when the saints go marching in!” Not sure why, but that’s one song that has popped up in my head when I heard back from the workflow administrator yesterday. At 20 minutes to 5pm, with amendments attached, asking if  I was happy with them for her to send them back to council.

I so wanted the plans to go back into council this week!!! I did the rough calculations a few days ago, and I estimated the house is only going to finish building in April/May 2015 😦 So at 15 minutes to 5pm yesterday, it’s GO!GO!GO! time! I quicklyprinted up the amendments, scanned through it to make sure that they are all in order. Wrote a reply to say yes please go ahead, and clicked send at 5pm. 🙂 Oh when the saints go marching in~~

CAN’T WAIT for the council to say, “Yes you can build this gorgeous house!!!”

Ok probably just the first word in that entire sentence but I’m sure they think that 😛


Anyway, I wonder what the difficulty level of this project is:

Looks absolutely useful for a small room!



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