Home is where the hearth is

The waiting bores me, and there is nothing better to kill boredom than to dream about how I am going to put my furniture into the house. And I have also been contemplating on whether I should put a fireplace in, where I could put it, and whether I should get a woodfire or gas fireplace.

To solve the problem, I did a scan of the house plan and erased all the annoying lines so that I can doodle on it.

For the record, this house is designed by yours truly, and professionally drafted into existence by the drafters and engineers by the building company 😀 And here’s the floor plan without the confusing engineering lines:

Houseplan for doodle-page-001

I’m sorry I erased all the labels that tell you what rooms they are because I wanted to be able to draw furniture in them :X As mentioned in an earlier post, the house had to be a split-level, which you can see it is where the 860mm set down is.

I did a bit of research on the dimensions of common furniture like the couch and TV cabinet to give myself a bit of an idea of how much space I have. I drew them onto the plan, and it fitted just right in the living area.

Definitely no space to put that fireplace anywhere in the living area I guess.

So I moved on to the meals area. I have a conference table that I have salvaged, in a really good condition, except I did not like the colour very much. After doing a bit of research on baluster tables, I found this piece of gorgeous furniture:

Oh yeah that’s what my table shall look like baby!!!

I figured that I might have a bit of space between the living area and the meals area for a fireplace that looks like that:

Or, I might make a faux wall that extends out from the master ensuite wall to make a bit of a space between the faux wall and the alfresco for a bit of a reading nook. ANDDDD have the fireplace in that wall. It’s still a bit too early for all that I guess, but it’s fun dreaming about it!



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