Stairway to heaven

The time has come for me to do the design selections for the balustrades. Nooooooooo.. I haven’t done any research on that yet!!!

So, the builder has given me a few options which I need to pick from, for the handrail and the balustrades. Thank God for Google and internet, or I wouldn’t have got that worked out within a week.

I decided to do without the handrail, because I have pretty wide stairs (about 1400mm) and that allows me to do shelving against the wall like this:

In a house with a few people living in it, you can never have enough storage, can you?

As for the balustrades, the options available that don’t cost me any more money are pretty boring. I can’t work in peace, thinking that I am going to have ugly stairs going down to my awesome open plan kitchen/meals/living area. So I did the search for basic balustrades to see what I can do about the boring balustrade posts. This is what I found:

I am planning to have dark laminate flooring, so painting the handrail on the balustrade posts to match the floor would be perfect! It wouldn’t have grooves like the one in the picture, but I guess that will do for now. Another project to add to the Projects list!


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