2nd submission to council

So, I received an email from the builder about a week ago to say that the plans have been amended and they have been sent into council.

Hooray!!! I really hope that the council will approve it soon so the construction can start!


Wait. I didn’t recall signing anything to approve the amended plans. I didn’t even get to ask if I could raise the ceiling to the back half of the house!

So I thought, maybe I will let it go this time round, I need to get the construction started soon.

Throughout the entire week, almost every single person who asked me about the progress of my house asked if I was going to have a raised ceiling. And my answer each time was no. Absolute torture! And their responses are the same – you should do it!

Yes I know I should, but what can I do now that it’s been sent in to council? I was almost going to let it go, but I decided to pop into the display home today just to have a quick chat with the consultant. I am really glad I did it, because after a chat with the consultant, she reassured me that I can get a re-draft for the ceilings to be raised!

That has put me in a really good mood today. I hope all goes well with the redrafting!


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