Raise the roof!

After having worked with me for so many months, my builder knew that I am someone who would spend a long time researching on something before making a decision. And that trait, has made it really difficult for me to embrace the idea of a split-level design, and it was worse having to say, “Yes, re-draft the plan!” without thinking numerous times about it before that.

The council’s part of the process is such a terrible waiting game for an anxious person like me. But while that was happening, I looked up on split-levels and stairs. And I thought, hey that doesn’t sound too bad! I spoke to several people, and I think most people agreed that it actually gives the home some depth and character, which is a relief to hear.

I have always wanted a raised ceiling in the house, because I knew that it would make the house look really open and spacious. I rejected the idea in the past because the builder quoted me 10K for it, and I had to raise the whole roof due to roof structural constraints, instead of just the kitchen and living area as I had intended to. Now that the house has to be split, I wonder if I will get to raise the ceiling in the back half of the house at a lower cost this time? I can’t wait to find out!