What did the council say?

The council rejected the plan!!! GAHHHH! And just before I left for my 2-week holiday in Singapore too! I felt gutted. I thought I did a pretty good job, reading up on council regulations and adhering to every single line that was relevant. But their answer was no, and I had to have the plans revised. Before I go on, here is a little background to the story:

The house is going to be built on sloping land, which meant that cut-and-fill and retaining walls are going to be necessary. The retaining wall was going to come up to almost 2m in height where it abuts the Council’s reserve, and they did not like that. Their suggestion was to make it a split level so that the height of the retaining wall can be reduced.

I spoke to the builder, and they said that it is probably the only way to go, and I was absolutely panicking because I knew that would mean more added costs. And I could almost hear all the “I told you so”s from people who have warned me about the difficulties of trying to build a home. I was desperate to get it happening, being tight for time and all, so I said yes to getting the plan re-drafted by the engineers for a split-level design, and I hoped for the best.


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