The Bellbird’s Anatomy

When I was looking around for floor plan designs, I was quite disappointed by most of the standard floor plans available from many of the builders. Also, the land is not the usual rectangular block, but rather I would say it is more of a trapezoid, which restricts the size of my house if I were to put a standard single level house on it. So I decided to take a chance at drafting what I wanted.

I guess everyone had some sort of an idea what they want in a house. Probably not down to the type of kettle they are going to use, but probably what they want in a house that would suit their lifestyles. As for myself, it started off with something simple. 3 bedrooms and a study, with a nice open kitchen and a living room.

And then I decided that I love cooking big meals and having people over at my place for dinners. So I will need a pretty big kitchen, with lots of storage to accommodate all sorts of kitchen appliances.

Annnnnnd I decided that wasn’t enough, and I will need a whole butler’s pantry to store all the food in the house. Also, I thought it makes sense to have a hidden area from the kitchen for all the mess if I were to have people over for meals, right? Yes, I know, I found myself more excuses.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I decided that I need to have a door in the butler’s pantry that leads to the outside of the house, right where the kitchen is looking into, where I am going to have a veggie patch. The ideas kept coming as I kept drawing!

I also found that I had some trouble with the way I designed the garage and the bedroom sitting next to it, and the perfect solution to that problem was to have a shoe room leading out of the garage into the hallway. I swear I did not design the place to fit a shoe room in (although I have always loved the idea of that), but everything that I wanted just seems to fall neatly into place!


The style of the house is supposed to be rather contemporary. I have a thing for black doors and satin black framed windows, so I have selected them to go with the white walls. Black and white, I guess I could almost never go wrong with the colour combo. To make it a little cosier, the flooring will (hopefully) be a dark brown, timber-looking laminate across the entire house.

So the design was done, very briefly, and the drafters did a great job of making it look absolutely gorgeous and professional on the paper. It’s gone into council, and I have heard back from them, but that will be for a later post.



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