At the beginning…

… there was land.

A block of land I found on Gumtree. Odd shaped. But beautiful. Right next to a reserve, with views to the hills. Quiet location but very accessible by transport. It ticks a lot of boxes on my list! Attracted by all of the above, and also driven by desperation for the lack of desirable land around, I decided to go check it out.

Now, I know that the standard procedure is to find a block of land in a suitable location, pick a generic floor plan from the builders’ and build the house on it. I, on the other hand, have this obsession about making sure that I fit all the criteria that I want in a house on the land before I would buy it.

So, I did some research on council / building guidelines, and set off to draft out a floor plan for the house. Here are some of the challenges I faced:

1. I refused to stick to a rectangular floor plan, and just had to draft an odd shaped house to maximise the use of land.
2. Trying to draw things to scale to make sure they fit on the block. Odd shaped land just about triples the level of difficulty.
3. My lack of experience with drafting. It was only the 2nd time in my life I tried to draft out a floor plan. The 1st time was weeks before that, for another plot of land which I didn’t end up buying.
4. Only God knows what the dimensions of doors and walls and kitchen benches are.
5. Time wasn’t on my side, the builder was going to raise prices of building.
6. To top it off, I was nursing a broken finger which certainly didn’t help in any of my challenges.

Nevertheless, I survived all that and have come out of it really proud of my handiwork. The dimensions were pretty accurate and the draft had less alterations done to it than I thought it would be.

Thus the land was bought, the contract signed with Rivergum Homes, and the next step was to anticipate the arrival of selections.


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